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Hawaii is full of wonderful resorts and hotels full of every amenity possible.  Prices range from quite reasonable to terribly expensive and extremely luxurious. 

As a honeymooner, it is important to find a lodging choice that meets your needs and plans.  You won't find a listing of hotels and their amenities on this site - however, I'll provide a recommendation for how to find a good one to meet your needs.  This is generally how my wife and I have traveled all the islands on a budget and stayed in wonderful  places without any issues.

Travel agents

I wouldn't waste the time.  Most haven't been there, don't know you, and won't spend the time researching anything.  We tried this and right before we booked we changed hotels based on our research - luckily too.  The place our travel agent had located was a DUMP.

Airline Websites

Airline websites are the way to start.  All major air carriers have a vacation travel link where you can buy an entire vacation package.  Generally these sites have reasonable rates - this is generally all the travel agents use.  We sorted through which places they are affiliated with.  Generally, the prices are a good starting marker, and the hotels are as advertised.  Mind you - this is a starting point.

Independent Hotel Reviews

The most important aspect is getting an actual review on the hotel you'll be in.  The single best site I've found is This site is free and has actual reviews from regular joe bag-o-donuts people visiting all the time.  Take the time to read a chunk of the reviews - it does take a little sorting to throw out the folks with an axe to grind.  However, after checking a few hotels, you'll quickly find ones that repeatedly say "moldy rooms" and others that say "best experience of my life".