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One of the amazing things about Hawaii is the amount of activities.  Each island has amazing watersports, golf, beaches, and shopping.  There really is something for everyone in your group or family to do everyday.  Here are some of my personal favorites:

Molokini Snorkeling (Maui)

My wife and I took one of the many snorkeling trips out to Molokini.  This was AMAZING.  Molokini is a half sunken crater a few miles offshore of Maui.  Because it is away from the island, the bottom has almost no silt - resulting in water that is in the top 10 clearest in the world.  We absolutely loved the snorkeling and saw lots of fish, coral, and even sea turtles.  This is a MUST if you are in Maui.

Drive the Hana Highway (Maui)

This is a commitment - its a long remote road, but some of the views and areas are without question the most amazing scenery I've had the pleasure of experiencing.

See the Active Volcano (Big Island)

Like  you'll ever get another chance to actually see a live volcano.

Pearl Harbor (Oahu)

This is an amazing place.  I've seen the footage a hundred times, but it is an entirely different thing to actually stand in Pearl Harbor.